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Here’s How to Get Your Hands
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There is GOLD in My Name Snagger Lists

As a professional domainer for the past 15+ years, I routinely scour the database of nearly 100,000 domains that expire every single day.

It often takes HOURS each day to really go through the entire list of 100,000.

But EVERY SINGLE DAY I find SO many valuable domains, it’s crazy.

There are FAR too many great domains for me to register, not to mention taking the time to market them. That’s why I decided to make my personal lists available to others.

I guarantee you’ll find amazing domains in every list I send you.

So What Exactly IS “Name Snagger”?

My Name Snagger lists are the top 1% or so of available domains with the highest *statistical* dollar value, that I compile daily from “expired” domain lists for my personal use. There are hundreds of valuable domain names on each list, just waiting for you to register.

My Name Snagger lists contain ONLY the domain names that have gone through my own statistical process to determine which ones likely have a market value of $500 or more. Many have a value of well over $1,000.