Sneak Peek

Includes Many Techniques and Tactics I’ve NEVER Shared Before

I’ve decided to publish a guide/course that contains domain flipping techniques and tactics I’ve always held close to my chest and much of it I’ve never shared before over my 16-year domaining career.

This is stuff I’ve figured out over the years to generate quick and profitable domain sales. Much of it I have never seen published by anyone before.

This is a collection of real-world techniques and methods most professional domainers won’t tell you about.

A lot of what I’ll share in this brand new training has never been included in anything I’ve published before, including my most extensive course,

Here’s an Overview of What Is Planned:

Speed Training Session

The Mile High Club

No, this isn’t about what the title seems to infer… this training session is a bird’s eye view of the domaining opportunity for those who do not yet have an understanding of the domaining business.

Speed Training Session

On a Silver Platter

Each and every day, there are literally millions of domain names available for you to register. Here’s exactly how to pick the highly marketable winners.

Speed Training Session

Get Off My Lawn!

This will give you a vitally important understanding of the rightful ownership of a domain name, and how to navigate trademark issues.

Speed Training Session

The Four Kings

This training session will reveal to you the four most profitable types of local domain names to focus on.

Speed Training Session

The Golden Hay Stack

This technique is one I use consistently to pinpoint the very best domains available. I rely heavily on this every single week. Sometimes every day.

Speed Training Session

Hands Off!

This is an approach that simplifies the entire domaining process. You will absolutely love this, as it removes all the typical headaches and complications from the domain selling process.



The Covert Domaining Strategies I will Reveal:


Covert Domaining Strategy #1
In Fact I Do Own This Town

This is one of my favorite methods of taking a shotgun approach to getting many types of businesses interested in your local-based domain. It’s like handing a business the keys to their city.

Covert Domaining Strategy #2
 Zero Objections

Many prospects simply can’t say no when using this sneaky tactic. It’s the perfect “foot in the door” approach that creates a win-win.

Covert Domaining Strategy #3
 As Real As It Gets

The perfect technique to get Real Estate professionals clammoring for your domain name. Very easy and practical approach.

Covert Domaining Strategy #4
 The Name Game

This powerful method will give you a very simple way to leverage your prospect’s personal name. I sell these domains with very little effort, like candy.

Covert Domaining Strategy #5
 Super Stealth Singularity

This technique landed me some of my biggest sales. It’s so blatantly obvious but few think about doing this.

Covert Domaining Strategy #6
 Shock and Awe

This technique plays with your prospect’s mind and forces them to pay attention. It’s sneaky but ethical.

Covert Domaining Strategy #7
 Resistance is Futile

This technique makes it impossible for many prospects to resist your offer. A completely non-sales approach that anybody can handle.

Covert Domaining Strategy #8
 Sledge Hammer

This is an in-your-face take it or leave it approach that works well for specific niches. It’s the “I don’t care how you respond” type of promotion that can be very refreshing to a prospect.

Covert Domaining Strategy #9
 Wheel of Fortune

This technique educates your potential buyer and makes it hard to say no. Most brick & mortar businesses have no clue about how to effectively promote online, and this will give them an “ah ha!” moment.

Covert Domaining Strategy #10
 Casting Your Net

This technique makes it a no-brainer for your prospect to want what you’re offering. If your prospect cares at all about their internet presence, they’ll jump all over this.

Covert Domaining Strategy #11
 Optimistic Narcissist

A fantastic technique that holds a mirror to your prospect’s business face, making them proud. Let their ego do the selling for you!

Covert Domaining Strategy #12
 Machine Gun Mayhem

This technique is a big numbers game and will will allow you to tap into the widest pool of potential buyers.

Covert Domaining Strategy #13
 Surprise Party

This tactic will help you isolate domain names that businesses absolutely need and must have. In fact their business is virtually dead without your help.

Covert Domaining Strategy #14
 The Invisible Elephant

This tactic will help your potential domain prospect to see their huge blunder and how to fix it with your domain. It’s pretty easy to find prospects for this one.

Covert Domaining Strategy #15
 All Roads Lead Directly to You

This is a great method to attract the perfect prospective buyers. While this approach takes a little more effort, it is a GREAT way to reach quality prospects that you’d like to offer other services to.

Covert Domaining Strategy #16
 Going, Going, GONE

This technique gets your prospects to battle it out with their own competitors to take ownership of your domain name. It creates a real sense of urgency unlike any other method.

Covert Domaining Strategy #17
 Signed Sealed and Delivered

This is a great method to use when you really want to get into your prospect’s mind and get them to notice your outstanding offer. It’s virtually impossible to ignore.

Covert Domaining Strategy #18
 The Naked Nanny

This technique will make your prospects realize they are completely exposed, and how to remedy this with your domain name offer. Let their embarrassment do the selling for you!

Covert Domaining Strategy #19
Deja Vu All Over Again

This technique will show you how to gracefully re-contact your prospects every week or two (until the domain sells) while having them appreciate it every time. It’s a great method for developing long-term customers.

Covert Domaining Strategy #20
 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

This technique will make your prospect want your domain name once they experience this special contest feature. This will help bring fresh, new customers to their business.


This is just a preview. All Covert Strategies and Speed Training Sessions shown above is expected to be ready in late December.

If you would like to receive all of the above for FREE once it’s available in late December, you can receive it as a bonus if you purchase this PR Rage software. Otherwise, you can purchase my new training when it’s ready in late December.

As this is a project in the works, some of the training details are subject to change.